Welcome, feel free to “explore” the site and get connected with all things Explorers. We are so excited that you stopped by! 

Here at Cedar Hills we are committed to finding a pathway for the practical and the theological to be interconnected, without ever sacrificing the truth of the gospel! 

To accomplish such a goal, we hope that every family would be able to feel that we have fulfilled and satisfied each one of our primary goals for the ministry…


We believe that Cedar Hills is one of many congregations that make up the body of Christ, and while there are varying doctrines and traditions among the various evangelical denominations, they are not necessarily bad or even heretical. Therefore, some content that maybe present or recommend on the Adventure Together Blog, may not always reflect the specific views and traditions of Cedar Hills Community Church or of our denomination, the Reformed Church in America. But they will always be Biblically sound and evangelical in nature.

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